Would you like to change existing work situations and do not know exactly which way is suitable? In a structured workshop, we work with external partners to determine how leadership, team and communication cultures are established and what they could look like in the future. In this way, we jointly find the corporate DNA that lays the foundation for your working world of tomorrow.

After our workshop, we bring castles in the air down to earth. In brainstorming sessions, we develop initial ideas and sketches. Working together via the Scrum process helps us to create solutions that inspire and shape a future that motivates the entire team. In this phase, you are our constant companion and work with us on the creation process.

Based on your business culture, we develop Customised Furniture concepts in the form of 3D visualisations and models. Perhaps you have an initial idea that we can turn into prototypes and develop further together? Our architecture and interior design partners help to develop the appropriate colour and material concept. The corporate DNA will soon be visible and perceptible throughout your business premises.

We conjure up solutions from raw materials. Our team is experienced, measures precisely, plans cleanly and produces sustainably. Continuous improvement is part of our daily programme. We work with modern tools and a machine park with a high degree of automation, which nevertheless offers enough flexibility for piece numbers of 1. We strive to move our work towards the circular economy, and certify our company on processes (ISO 9001) and environment (ISO 14001).

We carefully deliver the finished parts to your office. Sometimes minor adjustments are needed, which we do directly on site. Your individual solution now fits perfectly into your new workspace.

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