A table for more – because più was designed for people to come together. Versatility, generosity and durability are the focus here. Più is suitable both as a family table and as a meeting table. Its precise design language begins with a reduced steel base, whose clear lines merge into the tabletop. The tabletop is available in different shapes, materials and colours, as well as in three different sizes. This makes Più highly customisable for all needs.

Design: Kurt Müller

A table where people come together

“più”, which means “more” in Italian, was born from the idea of designing a piece of furniture that offers real added value for everyone. A meeting place where families, friends or even work colleagues can come together, discuss, share their lives and experiences. A place of gathering, a generous, inviting table.

The reduced, precise design comes from the pen of Kurt Müller, furniture designer and interior architect at Vifian.

For Kurt, it was clear from the outset that the table needed a metal base, because it was also clear from the outset that Più was to be offered with three different table leaf shapes. Maximum customisability for all needs in shape and size was the goal. “This requires a frame that stands on its own as a basis,” says the designer. Rectangular, with gently rounded corners, as a flat oval or convex, in an almost architectural language – each of the individual table top shapes brings its own flair.

Fine lines, undisputed stability and a lightness of design that clearly bears Kurt Müller’s and Vifian’s signature. This is also reflected in the customisability of the materials, because the customer can choose not only the shape and size, but also the material and colour of the tabletop (linoleum desktop, Fenix supermatt, solid oak, walnut veneer or marble) as well as the finish of the metal base (black matt powder-coated, metallic gold, bronze, platinum).

Più is a table that customers can make their own. A filigree, thoughtful design, created for more togetherness.