Living and work environments that touch and inspire.

We are a team of 60 people and centre on the user at every single step. Together we live the startup mentality and develop with our customers and partners the world of tomorrow. Whether at home, in offices, meeting and retreat zones or mixed environments. With standardised product design, modified basics or individual solutions as customised furniture, we are agile, flexible, fast and elegant on the move.

A traditional company with a startup mentality.

Our strong DNA is characterised by over 150 years of experience. We combine this broad know-how with innovative ideas and a passionate team. This creates fresh ideas and attractive solutions that correspond to the zeitgeist(spirit of the age) of today’s society.

Live more beautifully with our living concepts.

We live where we feel comfortable! With our product lines, from the designer pen, we contribute to atmosphere, timelessness and comfort. The differentiated design vocabulary, the diverse materials and the almost endless colour palette leave nothing to be desired in terms of customisation and personalisation. With our own development and production, we are always able to implement individualised and customised solutions.

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