Working at Vifian

From person to person Since 1869, we at Vifian have been enriching our customers’ lives together with beautiful creations for living and working – for life. Our work becomes long-lasting companions, it becomes part of these people’s environment. We take this seriously and personally.

Office Space Restructuring Opportunities and Possibilities for Businesses

With office design, workspaces are restructured and modernised. Skilful solutions are created that lead internally to a higher level of corporate identification and more well-being at the workplace and externally to a strong image. A “workplace change” is developed and produced by specialists individually for a company. A successful project takes into account the current […]

The workplace of the future and the dimension of diversity

Our generation is perhaps the last to understand work as a temporal-spatial concept. Time clocks and working time records are dying out. Work as a designation of a place or a specific time is increasingly losing its meaning. And work performance is less often judged by attendance – the boundaries between work and leisure are […]